Standard Action

A standard action requires more effort than any other type and is usually the main action of a creature’s turn. Examples: Most attack powers, using one’s second wind, administering first aid to an ally.

Administer a potionHelp an unconscious creature consume a potion
Aid anotherImprove an ally's skill check or ability check
Aid attackImprove an ally's attack roll
Aid defenseImprove an ally's defenses
Basic attackMake a basic attack
Bull rushPush a target 1 square and shift into the vacated space
ChargeMove and then make a melee basic attack or a bull rush
Coup de graceMake a critical hit against a helpless enemy
Equip or stow a shieldUse a shield or put it away
GrabSeize and hold an enemy
Ready an actionReady an action to perform when a specified trigger occurs
Second windSpend a healing surge and gain a bonus to defenses (once per encounter)
Total defenseGain a +2 to all defenses until next turn

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 267, Rules Compendium, page(s) 194.