An effect type. A teleportation power transports creatures or objects instantaneously from one location to another. Typically, a creature teleports by means of a magical power, such as the wizard spell dimension door.
    Unless the description of a power or other effect says otherwise, use the following rules when a creature uses a teleportation power on a target, which might be itself, another creature, or an object.

Instantaneous: Teleportation takes no time. The target disappears and immediately appears in the destination that the teleporting creature chooses. The movement is unhindered by intervening creatures, objects, or terrain.

Destination Space: The destination of the teleportation must be an unoccupied space that is at least the same size as the target. For instance, a Large creature cannot be teleported into a space that is only 1 square wide.
    If arriving in the destination space would cause the target to fall or if that space is hindering terrain, the target can immediately make a saving throw. On a save, the teleportation is negated. Otherwise, the target arrives in the destination space.
    If a prone creature teleports, it arrives in the destination space still prone.

Line of Sight: The user of the teleportation power must have line of sight to the destination space.

No Line of Effect Required: Neither the user of the teleportation power nor the target needs line of effect to the destination space.

No Opportunity Actions Triggered: When a target teleports, it doesn’t provoke opportunity actions, such as opportunity attacks, that are triggered by movement.

Immobilized or Restrained: Being immobilized or restrained doesn’t prevent a target from teleporting. If a target teleports away from a physical restraint, a monster’s grasp, or some other immobilizing effect that is located in a specific space, the target is no longer immobilized or restrained. Otherwise, the target teleports but is still immobilized or restrained when it reaches the destination space.

Not Forced Movement: Teleporting a creature, even an unwilling one, does not count as forced movement.

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