Trade Goods

Whether someone is a trapper bringing a cart full of furs to market or a ship captain pulling into port with a hold full of astral cloth, it is important to know the relationship between the amount of the goods one hopes to sell and the price one expects to earn. The table below presents this information for some of the most important valuables in the Dungeons & Dragons game, as well as the unit of finished goods in which each is typically encountered.
    A seller might need to seek out a buyer for items such as rare wines or artwork, whose value is not always obvious to the untrained eye. Someone who wants to buy such items might need to worry about counterfeits.
    Buying and Selling: To perform either of these transactions, establish the total value of the trade goods in question. Use the major purchase column on the table in the Pocket Change entry to figure out the level of this transaction. For example, unloading a rare book worth 10,000 gp—or a forged copy of the same—would be a 15th-level transaction. Use this information with the Difficulty Class by Level table (Rules Compendium, page 126) to determine the DC to sell or buy a trade good, or to recognize or pass off a fake item.
    Then make a check (usually Streetwise) to find either a buyer or a seller. Use the moderate DC for the level of the transaction in a location with a good-sized marketplace or population. Use the easy DC in major trading hubs such as the City of Brass, and the hard DC if the value of the items far exceeds the locals’ wealth. A successful check indicates that the transaction has been completed.
    Counterfeits and Forgeries: In the case of a counterfeit, the buyer has a chance to recognize the fake before purchasing it, and the check is based on how much the forger invested in the item. Use the easy DC if the forger spent one-tenth of the item’s true value on the forgery, the moderate DC if one-fifth the value was spent, or the hard DC if one-half the value was spent.


ItemFinished UnitWeight per UnitValue per UnitValue per Pound
Artwork, epic statuette5 lb.5,000,000 gp1,000,000 gp
Artwork, fine statuette5 lb.500 gp100 gp
Book, rare volume5 lb.10,000 gp2,000 gp
Cloth, astral outfit2 lb.125,000 gp25,000 gp
Cloth, fine outfit5 lb.30 gp6 gp
Cloth, shadow outfit3 lb.5,000 gp1,000 gp
Fur coat15 lb.3,000 gp200 gp
Stone, precious gem1/500 lb.1,000 gp500,000 gp
Stone, semiprecious gem1/500 lb.20 gp10,000 gp
Mithral bar1 lb.250,000 gp250,000 gp
Perfume vial1/10 lb.100 gp1,000 gp
Residuum grain1/5000 lb.1 gp5,000 gp
Silk square5 lb.5 gp1 gp
Spice jar5 lb.50 gp10 gp
Tapestry square45 lb.15 gp1/3 gp
Wine, common bottle1 lb.5 gp5 gp
Wine, rare bottle1 lb.500 gp500 gp

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 128.