Baldric of Dividing RanksLevel 7+ Uncommon

Foot soldiers ineffectually stumble aside as you stride through battle wearing this baldric.

Lvl 72,600 gp Lvl 271,625,000 gp
Lvl 1765,000 gp

Waist Slot


You gain a +2 item bonus to AC against the opportunity attacks of minions.
    Level 17: Gain a +4 item bonus to AC
    Level 27: Gain a +6 item bonus to AC

Power Daily (Minor Action)

You can move through squares occupied by minions until the end of your next turn. Your movement provokes opportunity attacks as normal, and you cannot end your move in an occupied space.

Level 27: Your movement does not provoke opportunity attacks from minions.

Published in Dragon Magazine 369, page(s) 16.