Brooch of ShieldingLevel 3+ Uncommon

This ornate silver shield pin absorbs force attacks against you.

Lvl 3+1680 gp Lvl 18+485,000 gp
Lvl 8+23,400 gp Lvl 23+5425,000 gp
Lvl 13+317,000 gp Lvl 28+62,125,000 gp

Neck Slot

Enhancement Bonus: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will


Gain resist 10 force.
    Level 13 or 18: Resist 15
    Level 23 or 28: Resist 20

Power Daily (Immediate Interrupt)

Use this power when you are hit by an area, close, or ranged attack. Gain resist to all damage equal to the brooch's resist force value against that attack.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 149.