Chromodactylic LoomEpic Level

The loom towers over you, its threads glimmering with magic potential. Taking up the shuttle, you feel the forces of creation guide your hand.



While in the same location as the loom, you can perform the Enchant Magic Item ritual to create wondrous items that have a level up to 5 levels higher than yours.

Utility Power Daily (Standard Action)

Effect: You learn about a tapestry created on the loom. This knowledge includes the date of the tapestryís creation, details about its creator, what the tapestry depicts, and the tapestryís magical properties and powers.

Utility Power Encounter (Standard Action)

Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you can view a location that contains a tapestry created on the loom. You can see, hear, and speak as though you were at that location.

Utility Power Encounter (Standard Action)

Effect: You can use one utility power of a magical tapestry that you can see, including a tapestry viewed using the loomís utility power.

Goals of the Loom

  • Create wonderful new things and send them into the world.
  • Celebrate and protect works of art, especially those that are created from thread or cloth.
  • Prevent the destruction of beautiful things, and destroy creations that would cause harm.


Starting score5
Owner uses the loom to create a magic tapestry+2d4
Owner destroys a cursed, evil, or otherwise destructive item (in the loomís estimation) (1/day)+1d6
Owner creates a worthy piece of art (in the loomís estimation) (1/day)+2
Owner knowingly allows a work of art to be destroyed-1
Owner destroys a work of art, or uses a work of art for evil ends-2
Owner destroys a creation of the loom-4

Pleased (16-20)

The loom is delighted by its ownerís commitment to beauty and discovery.
    Its owner gains the use of the following property and utility power as long as the loom remains at this concordance.


You cease to age.

Utility Power (Teleportation) Daily (Move Action)

Effect: You open an extradimensional rift that allows creatures to teleport to an unoccupied space within 10 squares of a tapestry woven on the loom. The rift remains open for 1 minute or until you take a minor action to dismiss it.

Satisfied (12-15)

The loom recognizes a true effort to create and is willing to assist its owner in discovering unseen wonders.
    Its owner gains the use of the following property as long as the loom remains at this concordance or higher.


While on the same plane as the loom, you have blindsight 3.

Normal (5-11)

The owner has the potential to create great things but not the commitment. The artifact reserves its judgment for the time being.
    At this concordance, the loom has the powers and other characteristics listed in its statistics block.

Unsatisfied (1-4)

The loom considers its owner too slothful or materially invested to protect objects of beauty. Unless the owner devotes serious effort to its ends, the loom will not stay long.
    The property granting the ability to create higherlevel magic items is not available to the owner until the loomís concordance again increases to 5 or higher.

Angered (0 or lower)

The owner is willfully destructive and/or concerned only with the accumulation of possessions, and the loom seeks to find someone who will fulfill its divine function as quickly as possible.
    The owner cannot use the loomís utility powers as long as it remains at this concordance.

Moving On

The imperative to create, nurture, and share beautiful objects drives the loom. Should someone appear who is more dedicated to this purpose than its current owner, the artifact eventually finds its way to that person. The Caretaker has served the loom admirably for centuries, but a greater patron might yet arise.
    If the loom is pleased when it moves on, its owner retains the ability to create higher-level magic items.