Confusion RayLevel 10+ Rare

A metal pole, about 1 foot long, ends in a spinning, multicolored disk. A switch on the end of the pole controls the spinning rate of the disk, and this switch is warm to the touch.

Lvl 10+25,000 gp Lvl 25+5625,000 gp
Lvl 15+325,000 gp Lvl 30+63,125,000 gp
Lvl 20+4125,000 gp

Implement: Wand

Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d8 psychic damage per plus


Malfunction: When you roll a 1 on an attack roll with this wand, you are dominated by the target of the attack against whom you rolled the 1 until the end of your next turn.

Attack Power (Charm, Psychic) At-Will (Standard Action)

Attack: Ranged 5 (one creature); wand’s level + 3 vs. Will

Hit: 2d6 psychic damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). Until this effect ends, you can use a free action at the start of each of your turns to slide the target up to 5 squares.

Level 15 or 20: 3d6 psychic damage.

Level 25 or 30: 4d6 psychic damage.

Published in Dragon Magazine 410.