Dark Reaver PowderLevel 25

This black powder can render a creature comatose if consumed.

Consumable: Assassin poison        0 gp

Power (Poison) Consumable (Minor Action)

You apply the poison to your melee weapon or five pieces of your ammunition. Until the end of the encounter, when you hit a creature with a weapon attack using the poisoned item, the creature takes 10 extra poison damage, and it is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Power (Poison) Consumable (Minor Action)

You pour the poison into a drink or onto a plate of food. Within the next hour, the first creature to consume the food or drink falls unconscious (save ends). The creature can make a saving throw against this unconsciousness only at the end of an extended rest and does so with a -5 penalty.

Published in Heroes of Shadow, page(s) 31.