Demonbane WeaponLevel 9+ Uncommon

This weapon glimmers with white flecks of energy from the Astral Sea that are anathema to demons.

Lvl 9+24,200 gp Lvl 24+5525,000 gp
Lvl 14+321,000 gp Lvl 29+62,625,000 gp
Lvl 19+4105,000 gp

Weapon: Any

Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d8 damage per plus, +1d10 damage per plus against demons.


You regain resist equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon to damage dealt by demons.

Power Daily (Free Action)

Use this power when you attack a demon with this weapon. Gain a +5 power bonus to the attack roll and ignore any resist value the demon has.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 67.