Dimensional ShacklesLevel 17 Uncommon

These manacles of solid energy glow a brilliant blue when placed upon a foe, effectively shackling the creature to the here and now.

Wondrous Item        65,000 gp

Power Daily (Standard Action)

To place dimensional shackles on an adjacent creature, you make a Strength or a Dexterity melee attack against the target's Reflex. You must have combat advantage against a target to use shackles on it.

A creature held by these shackles is restrained and also can't teleport or be teleported. Escaping from the shackles requires a DC 35 Acrobatics check.

The shackles automatically adjust to fit any size or shape of creature. As a standard action, any creature other than the one in the shackles can remove them from an adjacent creature.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 253.