Elixir of Giant StrengthLevel 9+ Uncommon

When you consume this draught, your muscles begin to spasm, but that discomfort ends quickly as you feel great strength rush through your body.

Lvl 9160 gp Lvl 29105,000 gp
Lvl 194,200 gp

Consumable: Elixir

Utility Power Consumable (Minor Action)

Effect: You drink the elixir. Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to Strength ability checks and Strength-based skill checks. You also gain a +2 bonus to the damage rolls of melee basic attacks and of ranged basic attacks with thrown weapons. However, if your attack roll for any such attack is a natural 1 or 2, this effect ends.

Level 19: +4 power bonus to checks; +4 bonus to damage rolls.

Level 29: +6 power bonus to checks; +6 bonus to damage rolls.

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 93.