Enshrouding CandleLevel 7 Uncommon

This everburning candle creates a dim corona of light that helps conceal you from foes.

Wondrous Item        2,600 gp


This candle sheds dim light in a 2-square radius, but it never burns down. Bright light within the candle’s radius is reduced to dim light.

Power (Illusion) Daily (Standard Action)

When the enshrouding candle is lit, it generates an illusion within the area of its illumination. Creatures within the area are invisible to those outside the area, though other features within the area appear as normal. Sound (including speech) within the area is likewise inaudible to those outside. Creatures within the area are unaffected by the illusion and can perceive each other normally. Other senses are unaffected by the enshrouding candle. For example, a creature with tremorsense could locate characters in the area normally. Likewise, if characters within the area move objects around them, those moving objects can be seen.

The candle burns for 8 hours or until it is moved or extinguished (a minor action). If any character within the area of the illusion attacks, the candle is automatically extinguished.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 171.