EverdareLevel 17 Rare

This cutlass is crafted of starmetal, ebony, and unicorn horn. The blade is as reflective as the finest mirror, and the cutlass subtly vibrates whenever it is held.

Weapon: Short sword

Enhancement Bonus: +4 to Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +4d6 damage


  • While this weapon is on your person, you are immune to fear.
  • You gain a +2 item bonus to Athletics and Acrobatics checks, as well as saving throws against slowing, immobilizing, and restraining effects.

Power (Healing) Encounter Utility (Move Action)

Effect: You shift up to your speed. The next melee attack you make with this weapon on this turn deals 4d6 extra damage, and you regain hit points equal to the total amount of extra damage dealt.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 203, page(s) 14.