False Path Stones, 1 bag

Category: Gear
Price: 200 gp
Weight: 2 lb
Description: Devious creatures that want to bait unwitting mortals into entering the Feywild for the first time use these tiny, charmed stones to cruel effect. When a creature takes a few stones from the bag and places them on the ground, a small gravel path springs up that looks like a well-traveled route leading in whatever direction the creature chooses. Once a route has been started, the stones in a bag can be used only for that route, and the rest of them must be laid continually. The path can be up to 5 miles long, provided the creature blazing the trail walks the entire distance, dropping the rest of the stones from time to time along the way. The path lasts for a day before it disappears; the area it described returns to the state it was in before the stones were used, and the stones become like any other ordinary rocks scattered in the wilderness.
    Scouts in the wild use false path stones to create simple roads that make travel easier for those following behind them.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 133.