Final MessengerLevel 6 Uncommon

This warforged communication device is built to resemble a small winged animal, yet it is an intricate assembly of clockwork pieces.

Wondrous Item (embedded component)        1,800 gp

Requirement: You must have the living construct racial trait to use this item.


You have a mechanical messenger within you. The messenger has speed 8 and can function for 8 hours once it leaves you (see below). After 8 hours, the messenger deactivates. A creature can reactivate the messenger by making a DC 20 Arcana check and then spending a healing surge, at which point the messenger continues in its task to deliver a message (see below). A warforged can reactivate the messenger by embedding it.
A creature that is not the recipient of a message can make a DC 25 Arcana check to view the messenger’s programmed image and hear its message. A creature that makes a DC 30 Arcana check can learn the messenger’s intended destination and recipient.

Power Daily (Standard Action)

You program the messenger with an image of what you currently see, a statement of up to 25 words, and a destination or a message recipient. The messenger retains this information until you use this power again or until you die.

Power (Free Action)

You activate the messenger, and it leaves for its programmed destination or recipient and delivers its image and statement.

Power (No Action)

Trigger: You are killed.

Effect: You activate the messenger, and it leaves for a destination or a message recipient you choose. The messenger carries an image of the last image that you saw while conscious, and it delivers the message that you have been killed.

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 115.