Flashbang PowderLevel 8+ Uncommon

The packet explodes with a bright flash and a sharp report, filling the area with smoke and defying multiple senses.

Lvl 8250 gp Lvl 2334,000 gp
Lvl 131,300 gp Lvl 28170,000 gp
Lvl 186,800 gp

Alchemical Item: VolatileFormula Cost: 500 gp
Key Skill: Time: 1 hour

Power (Zone) Consumable (Standard Action)

Make an attack: Close burst 1; +10 vs. Fortitude; as a free action, you can make a Stealth check against the target with a +4 bonus. If you succeed, you are hidden from that enemy until the end of your turn or until you attack. Creatures that do not rely on sight to detect other creatures are immune to this effect.

Effect: The burst creates a zone, which contains smoke that lasts until the end of your next turn. The smoke lightly obscures the area.

Level 13: +15 vs. Fortitude.

Level 18: +20 vs. Fortitude.

Level 23: +25 vs. Fortitude.

Level 28: +30 vs. Fortitude.

Published in Dragon Magazine 373, page(s) 23.