Focusing Astral HelmLevel 19 Rare

This gem-encrusted wheel bolsters its host astral ship and enhances the magical powers of the pilot.

Wondrous Item        105,000 gp


  • The helm’s other properties work only aboard an astral vessel on which the helm is installed as a steering wheel.
  • The helm increases its vessel’s speed by 2 and its defenses to the pilot’s level + 10.
  • The pilot must take 10 minutes to attune to the helm, which can have only one attuned pilot at a given time.
  • While touching the helm with at least one free hand, the pilot can choose 1 square on or adjacent to the helm’s vessel to use as the origin square for the pilot’s area, close, or ranged implement attack powers.
  • While touching the helm with at least one free hand, if the pilot activates a nondamaging aura, the helm’s vessel is considered to be the source from which the aura emanates. The helm’s vessel can emanate only one such aura at a time. The vessel itself, including its whole area, is unaffected by the aura.

Utility Power (Illusion) Daily (Standard Action)

Effect: The helm’s vessel and all aboard it become invisible for 5 minutes or until it or someone aboard it attacks. Any creature that leaves the invisible vessel’s area immediately ends the invisibility effect on itself.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 203.