Full Plate

Description: Though the dwarves are loath to admit it, human smiths crafted the first suits of full plate for the use of mounted knights. Of course, the dwarves are quick to add, they did perfect those initial, flawed designs. Among all the kinds of heavy armor, full plate offers unmatched protection and flexibility.
    Magic appears at higher item levels, and grants higher armor bonuses than its mundane counterparts. Full plate grants +9 AC at levels 6-10, +10 AC at levels 11-15, +11 AC at levels 16-20, +12 AC at levels 21-25, and +14 AC at levels 26-30.
AC Bonus: +8
Check: -1
Speed: -1
Weight: 60 lb.
Cost: 65 gp.
Special: Tough
Type: Plate

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 8.