Giving Spirit SoulfangLevel 3+ Uncommon

A nimbus of white energy around this fang pulses in time with your heartbeat, channeling your life energy into your healing powers.

Lvl 330 gp Lvl 183,400 gp
Lvl 8125 gp Lvl 2317,000 gp
Lvl 13650 gp Lvl 2885,000 gp

Consumable: Soulfang

Power Consumable (Minor Action)

Until you remove this soulfang, when one of your primal healing powers allows an ally to regain hit points, that ally regains an additional 2 hit points, and you take damage equal to half your healing surge value at the start of your turn or if you remove the soulfang on the turn you use it. Damage caused by this soulfang cannot be reduced by any means.

Level 8: regains an additional 3 hit points.

Level 13: regains an additional 4 hit points.

Level 18: regains an additional 6 hit points.

Level 23: regains an additional 7 hit points.

Level 28: regains an additional 8 hit points.

Published in Dragon Magazine 378.