Globe of ProjectionLevel 18 Uncommon

The image of a roaring dragon is visible in the depths of this blood-red crystal orb.

Wondrous Item        85,000 gp


You can spend 1 hour attuning this large globe to yourself. You must reattune the globe if you move it. Thereafter, you can perform the Hallucinatory Creature ritual by spending 1 minute activating the globe. This functions as the ritual, but the illusion can be of any size, is always an image of you, and cannot travel more than 20 squares from the globe. Instead of making an Arcana check, the number of programmable actions is always 2 minor actions, 2 move actions, and 1 standard action, and the Insight check to pierce the illusion is 30. You can create only one illusory creature at a time with this item.

Published in Dragon Magazine 383, page(s) 45.