Gray Rain Cloak

Category: Gear
Price: 20 gp
Weight: 3 lb
Description: A garment of this sort, made from the substance of a rainy Feywild afternoon, is created through the performance of a minor ritual. The garment looks and feels like a normal wool cloak, except that it keeps its wearer completely dry in the rain. When the cloak is spread out on the ground, it becomes a puddle of pure rainwater. You can turn the pool back into a cloak again by grabbing the water (a minor action), or water can be taken from the pool using a cup or a similar vessel. Doing so gradually uses up the cloak’s material, making it shorter every time it reverts to a garment, until nothing is left of it after 2 gallons of its water are consumed.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 134.