Haggaron's Ring of ControlLevel 25 Uncommon

This beautiful fey-styled ring sharpens your ability to soothe others and grants you control of their minds in combat.

Ring Slot        625,000 gp


You gain a +4 item bonus to Bluff checks and Diplomacy checks (+6 against fey creatures).

Power (Charm) Daily (Minor Action)

You choose a stunned enemy within 10 squares of you. The chosen enemy is dominated until the end of its next turn. The stunned condition is temporarily negated while the enemy is dominated, though its duration continues. If its duration allows, the stunned condition resumes once the dominated condition ends.

If you've reached at least one milestone today, you can also use this power against enemies that are dazed, with the dazed condition temporarily negated as above.

Published in Adventurer's Vault 2, page(s) 137.