Hair of Fairy Hues

Category: Gear
Price: 5 gp
Description: Courting eladrin sometimes apply a mixture of pixie dust and larkspur to their fine, silky hair, changing it to a new, vibrant hue. Spies from the Court of Stars or the Unseelie underworld often use such a concoction as part of a quick disguise, and the elders of eladrin royal houses use it to complement their rich fashions and contribute to their striking appearances. Some wild fey add a shapechanger’s eyelash to the mixture, causing their hair to change color every seventh heartbeat.
    A single dose of one of these mixtures, collectively called the hair of fairy hues, can instantly alter the hair color of any individual. The new color lasts until the hair is washed in a still pond beneath the light of the moon, or until the hair grows out.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 134.