Hammer of ThunderboltsEpic Level

This mighty weapon seems made of mithral and adamantine swirled together, and lightninglike lines of platinum crawl over its surface. When you heft it, all your hair stands on end as if you sense the coming of a great storm.

Artifact: Weapon (warhammer)
Enhancement Bonus: +5 to attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +5d10 thunder damage, or +10d10 if the target is a giant.


  • You gain resist 20 lightning and resist 20 thunder.
  • You can throw the hammer as a heavy thrown weapon (range 10/20). It returns to your hand after being thrown as normal for a magic thrown weapon.
  • This weapon deals 2d10 extra lightning and thunder damage when used as a thrown weapon as part of a weapon attack. Each time you throw it, a peal of thunder explodes around you.

Attack Power (Thunder) Encounter (No Action)

Trigger: You hit or miss with a ranged weapon attack using the hammer as a thrown weapon.

Effect: Make the following attack.

Attack: Close burst 2 (creatures in the burst); Strength vs. Fortitude

Hit: 5d10 thunder damage, the target falls prone, and the target is deafened until the end of your next turn.

Miss: Half damage.

The Hammer of Thunderbolts has found its way into many hands over the millennia of its existence. Many dwarves believe that Moradin crafted the Hammer as his original weapon of choice. Yet the legends of most other races attribute the artifact to the ambition of Kord, who gained his power over storms by slaying a primordial of tempests. According to such stories, the Hammer is the primordial’s heart, ripped free from its body and twisted into its present shape by Kord’s bare hands.

    If Moradin or Kord did create the Hammer of Thunderbolts, neither seems to miss it. Instead, the weapon has cascaded through history from the possession of one great hero or villain to the next. Though it is certainly a weapon of nearly inestimable value in melee, the true power of the hammer manifests only when it is hurled at foes. Then the roar of the storm echoes about it, and some of these throws culminate in a radiating wave of thunder that flattens every creature nearby.