Heart-Touch BraceletsLevel 2 Uncommon

These elegant gold bracelets feel warm to the touch. As soon as you don one, you feel the vacancy of the other until it too is worn and your bracelet beats with the pulse of another heart.

Arms Slot        520 gp


When you wear one of these bracelets, you are aware if the other bracelet of the pair is worn. If that person’s heart beats, you feel it in your bracelet, allowing you to know how fast or slow the person’s heart is beating. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to Insight checks made against the wearer of the other bracelet, and you are aware if that person is bloodied, stunned, dazed, or unconscious.
    The wearer of the other bracelet in the pair is aware of the same things in regard to you as long as you wear the heart-touch bracelet.

Published in Dragon Magazine 392.