Horn of GeryonLevel 30 Uncommon

Carved from the horn of some monstrous beast and banded in iron, this great instrument requires both hands to lift—but conjures a massive ally.

Wondrous Item        3,125,000 gp

Power Daily (Standard Action)

You spend a healing surge and wind the horn to conjure a horned beast in an unoccupied square within 6 squares of you. The horned beast remains until it is killed or until the end of the encounter; the horned beast has no healing surges and cannot be healed. The creature does not take actions on its own, but you can spend a minor action to allow it to take a move, minor, or standard action (it cannot take more than one standard action or two move actions each turn).

Horned Beast
Large immortal humanoid (devil)
Level 30 Minion Brute XP 0

Initiative +22        Senses Perception +24; Darkvision
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
AC 42; Fortitude 43, Reflex 41, Will 42
Speed 6

Greataxe (standard, at-will)

Reach 2; +33 vs AC; 18 damage.

Goring Charge (standard, at-will)

The horned beast makes a charge attack; +34 vs AC; 13 damage, and the target is pushed 2 squares. The horned beast shifts 2 squares after the attack to remain adjacent to the target.

Deathly Inferno ( when reduced to 0 hit points, ) Fire, Necrotic

Close burst 3; +31 vs Reflex; 13 fire damage.

Alignment Evil        Languages Supernal
Str 31 (+25)      Dex 24 (+22)      Wis 28 (+24)
Con 25 (+22)      Int 8 (+14)      Cha 13 (+16)

Equipment: greataxe .

Published in Dungeon Magazine 176, page(s) 62.