Horn of RevelryLevel 9 Uncommon

This horn is crafted from five types of polished wood, fitted together via complicated grooves. It plays a unique sound that begs to be joined in harmonies.

Wondrous Item        4,200 gp

Utility Power (Conjuration) Daily (Minor Action)

Effect: You conjure four satyr musicians in unoccupied squares adjacent to you, and they begin playing instruments.
    The satyrs remain adjacent to you when you move, and when you do so, you can move the satyrs to other unoccupied squares adjacent to you. Enemies cannot move through a satyr’s space, but allies can.
    Each satyr adjacent to you grants you a +1 item bonus to all defenses and saving throws. Each time an attack misses you or you succeed on a saving throw, one satyr disappears, and the bonus granted by this power decreases by 1. When the bonus reaches 0, all the satyrs are gone and the power ends. Otherwise, the effect lasts for 1 hour.

Published in Dragon Magazine 422.