Category: Gear
Price: 10 gp
Weight: 4 lb
Description: With some foraged twine, a supple reed, simple pulleys, and a soft cloth bindle, a kobold can piece together a crude device for getting around obstacles. These hurler-snatchers, as kobolds call them, have long been used to fling objects across gaps safely and retrieve small items lost down narrow chasms.
    Using a hurler-snatcher (4 lb., 10 gp) requires a move action. When you do so, you either transfer one item you have that weighs 5 pounds or less to an unoccupied space or a willing character within 5 squares of you, or you take one similar item that the character or the space has and transfer it to yourself. If you intend to transfer the item to a character, he or she has to have a free hand and must use a free action to catch it. Otherwise, the item lands in that character’s space.
    The 5-pound limit on a hurler-snatcher is enough to carry most simple objects. If items are bundled together in a backpack or a sack, they’re usually too heavy to flick around. Some items are too unwieldy to be transferred in this way; your DM ultimately makes the call.
    The hurler-snatcher is constructed to protect what it carries, even glassware, as long as the intended receiver can catch it. Objects break in transit only in a very small number of cases. Kobolds offer no warranties on items sent by way of a hurler-snatcher.

Published in Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook, page(s) 44.