Incendiary Ring of FireblazingLevel 14 Rare

A shroud of living flame emanates from this ring without harming you. On your command, you can send it blazing outward to sear your enemies.

Ring Slot        21,000 gp


When you make a basic attack, that attack can deal fire damage instead of its normal damage type.

Attack Power (Fire) Daily (No Action)

Trigger: You hit with an attack that deals fire damage.

Effect: The target and each creature, other than you, adjacent to it take ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends).

Milestone: If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, the ongoing damage increases to 20.

Utility Power At-Will (Minor Action)

Effect: You can ignite any unattended combustible object that you touch, including cloth, oil, paper, tinder, a torch, and so on. You cannot use this power to deal damage to any creature.

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 76.