Category: Mount
Price: 2,000 gp
Description: An inix, also called a dune behemoth, is a long, lowslung reptile with bony plates on its back. It is strong and spirited. An inix rarely eats anything as large as a humanoid, but it does not shy away from a fight.
Speed per HourSpeed per DayNormal Load (lb.)Heavy Load (lb.)Push/Drag (lb.)
3 miles30 miles2204401100

Inix Adult
Large natural beast (mount, reptile)
Level 9 Brute XP 400

HP 120; Bloodied 60Initiative +5
AC 21, Fortitude 23, Reflex 19, Will 21Perception+7
Speed 6

Standard Actions

Bite At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +14 vs. AC. While the inix has a creature grabbed, it can use bite against the grabbed creature only.

Hit: 3d8 + 6 damage. If the target is prone, it takes 1d8 extra damage, is grabbed, and cannot stand up until the grab ends.

Tail Slap Recharge

Attack: Close blast 2 (enemies in the blast); +12 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 3d6 + 6 damage, and the inix pushes the target 2 squares and knocks it prone.

Triggered Actions

Warding Tail (mount) At-Will

Trigger: The inix has a friendly rider of 9th level or higher mounted on it, and the rider is hit by an opportunity attack provoked by a ranged or an area attack.

Effect (Free Action): The inix uses tail slap in an area that includes the creature that made the triggering attack.

Str 22 (+10)                Dex 13 (+5)                Wis 17 (+7)
Con 20 (+9)                Int 2 (0)                Cha 6 (+2)

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -

Published in Dark Sun Campaign Setting, page(s) 123.