Ironclad ArmorLevel 3+ Uncommon

When your enemy attacks, this armor forms hardened ridges and spikes that damage your foe.

Lvl 3+1680 gp Lvl 18+485,000 gp
Lvl 8+23,400 gp Lvl 23+5425,000 gp
Lvl 13+317,000 gp Lvl 28+62,125,000 gp

Armor: Scale or plate

Enhancement Bonus: AC

Power (Augmentable) Daily (Free Action)

Trigger: An enemy misses you with a melee attack.

Effect: The triggering enemy takes 1d6 damage.

Augment 2: The damage equals 1d10.

Level 8: 2d6 damage.

Level 13: 3d6 damage.

Level 18: 4d6 damage.

Level 23: 5d6 damage.

Level 28: 6d6 damage.

Published in Player's Handbook 3, page(s) 199.