Military one-handed melee weapon
Cost: 12 gp
Damage: 1d10
Proficient: +2
Weight: 10 lb.

This long, heavy spear relies on the weight and speed of a charging mount to skewer a hapless enemy. Most mounted warriors set aside their lances once they engage in close quarters fighting.

Mounted (A mounted weapon is most effective when you use it while riding a mount. When you use such a weapon while not mounted, you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls with it. While you are mounted, your charge attacks with the weapon deal 1[W] extra damage.).
Small (This property describes a two-handed or a versatile weapon that a Small character can use in the same way a Medium character can. A halfling can use a shortbow, for example, even though halflings can’t normally use two-handed weapons.).
Versatile (Versatile weapons are one-handed, but you can use them two-handed. If you do, you deal an extra 1 point of damage when you roll damage for the weapon.
A Small character such as a halfling must use a versatile weapon two-handed, and doesn’t deal extra damage.

Spear (Consisting of a stabbing head on the end of a long shaft, a spear is great for lunging attacks.).

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 21.