Lenses of the LuminaryLevel 23 Uncommon

These varicolored lenses orbit around your head at eye level, improving your vision as needed.

Head Slot        425,000 gp


  • You gain darkvision and a +5 item bonus to Perception checks.
  • You can use these lenses as a focus for scrying rituals that require a focus worth 425,000 gp or less.

Power At-Will, 3 Charges/Day (Minor Action)

You spend the number of charges indicated and gain the special sense described until the end of the encounter.

1You learn the resistances and vulnerabilities of any creature you look at (but not the values of those resistances or vulnerabilities).
1You gain a +5 power bonus to Perception checks to spot traps.
2You gain truesight 10.

Published in Adventurer's Vault 2, page(s) 62.