Light Barding

Description: Barding is armor for your mount. It adds to a mount’s Armor Class just as armor does to a character’s. Barding also has similar check penalties and speed penalties. The barding’s armor bonus is added to a creature’s existing AC. Unlike heavy armor, heavy barding does not negate a mount’s Dexterity or Intelligence bonus to AC. Creatures that fill the soldier role already have additional armor (natural or otherwise) factored into their AC. As such, barding is less effective for them.
Magic barding can be crafted with its own unique properties. However, magic barding cannot be enchanted with an enhancement bonus like normal armor. Most creatures already benefit from natural defenses that exceed those of a typical PC.
AC Bonus: +1
Weight: 40 lb.
Cost: 75 gp.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 14.