Mauling WeaponLevel 8+ Uncommon

This weapon excels at smashing down barriers, knocking over foes, and breaking open containers.

Lvl 8+23,400 gp Lvl 23+5425,000 gp
Lvl 13+317,000 gp Lvl 28+62,125,000 gp
Lvl 18+485,000 gp

Weapon: Hammer, heavy blade or mace

Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, +1d12 damage per plus against constructs and objects.

Power Daily (Free Action)

Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Until the end of your next turn, when the target moves on its turn with a mode of movement other than teleportation, you determine the first square the creature moves to. In addition, if the creature has the construct keyword it takes 1d10 damage.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 72.