Mystic Salves (Heal)

Category: Component
Price: 1 gp
Description: Valuable components must be expended to perform a ritual. Restoration rituals use mystic salves, dabbed or painted on the creatures to be healed. These salves come in small jars and include blessed oils and unguents made from rare spices.

Components are needed by ritual casters. You purchase as many gold pieces worth of components as you need or can afford. You can use the components associated with a key skill for any ritual that uses that skill. Ritual components are not interchangeable; you can’t use alchemical reagents to perform a ritual requiring sanctified incense, for example. But you can use residuum for any ritual.

You can buy ritual components at some shops, your allies can provide them (sharing the cost of a ritual with you), or you might find them as treasure. However you acquire components, record their value on your character sheet. When you perform a ritual, mark off the ritual’s cost from the appropriate components.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 222.