Phylactery of FaithfulnessLevel 14+ Rare

You attune yourself to this symbol of your god and gain insight into your deity’s will.

Lvl 14+321,000 gp Lvl 24+5525,000 gp
Lvl 19+4105,000 gp Lvl 29+62,625,000 gp

Implement: Holy symbol

Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d8 damage per plus

Utility Power Daily (Standard Action)

Effect: You ask a single question about two possible courses of action, and a feeling of certainty informs you which course of action is most consistent with your deity’s will, or if neither is consistent with it. At the DM’s discretion, your deity’s answer might provide some insight into the dangers and risks that course involves. These insights are never more than vague hints.

Utility Power Encounter (Immediate Interrupt)

Trigger: An attack hits an ally within 5 squares of you.

Effect: The ally gains a power bonus to all defenses against that attack. The bonus equals the phylactery’s enhancement bonus.

Published in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, page(s) 43.