Portable GalleryLevel 16 Uncommon

The sumptuous chamber this tapestry depicts springs into existence when the tapestry is hung.

Wondrous Item        45,000 gp

Utility Power (Conjuration) Daily (Standard Action)

Effect: The tapestry creates a 40-foot-by-40-foot, fully-furnished extradimensional room with 20-foot-high ceilings. The room can be reached only through double doors the tapestry depicts, which are part of the room. Only you and those you designate can pass through the doors. You can close the entrance to make the tapestry invisible after you enter the room. It remains invisible until someone opens the doors.
    The gallery’s interior is a comfortable temperature and humidity. You can adjust the gallery’s interior luminance from darkness to bright light. The gallery lasts until you dismiss it from the outside as a standard action. Any creatures still within when the effect ends reappear in unoccupied spaces nearest the tapestry.

Published in Dragon Magazine 418.