Wandering TroveLevel 30 Uncommon

What seems an ordinary hill suddenly vanishes into thin air!

Wondrous Item        3,125,000 gp


The trove’s interior is a rough sphere about 10 squares across. It has no doors. If you spend 24 hours attuning yourself to the trove, you can use the Linked Portal ritual to create a portal to the interior of the trove. If the trove is on another plane, you must instead use Planar Portal. Once attuned, you are always aware of the trove’s location, even if it is on a different plane. As long as you remain attuned to the trove, no other creature can attune to the trove. The trove shifts location every 2d6 days to an unoccupied space elsewhere on the same plane or another plane. If you wish to randomly determine where the trove goes or where the trove is at any given time, roll 2d6 and consult the following table.

Result Destination Plane
2 Feywild
3 Shadowfell
4–6 Astral Sea
7 Same plane as last attuned creature
8–10 Elemental Chaos
11–12 The World

Published in Dragon Magazine 383, page(s) 46.