Abhorrent Reaper
Large shadow humanoid (undead)
Level 23 Elite Soldier (Leader) XP 10200

Initiative +18        Senses Perception +14; Darkvision
Aura of Ruin aura 5; any ally within the aura deals 1d6 extra necrotic damage with melee attacks.
HP 424; Bloodied 212
AC 40; Fortitude 37, Reflex 34, Will 36
Immune disease, fear, poison; Resist 10 necrotic; Vulnerable 10 radiant
Saving Throws +2
Speed 8, fly 12 (hover)
Action Points 1

Abhorrent Sickle (standard, at-will) Necrotic, Weapon

Reach 2; +30 vs AC; 3d6+8 necrotic damage.

Hateful Charge (standard; requires sickle; usable only when charging, at-will) Necrotic, Weapon

+30 vs AC; 3d6+8 necrotic damage, and the target is knocked prone and is immobilized until the end of the abhorrent reaper's next turn.

Hate's Cleave (standard; requires sickle, at-will) Necrotic, Weapon

close burst 2; +28 vs AC; 6d6+8 necrotic damage.


When an abhorrent reaper bloodies an enemy, one of the abhorrent reaper’s allies can make a melee basic attack against the bloodied creature as a free action.

Umbral Phantasm (immediate interrupt, when the abhorrent reaper would take damage; recharge )

The abhorrent reaper becomes insubstantial until it attacks or until the end of its next turn.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common
Skills Intimidate +23
Str 27 (+19)      Dex 21 (+16)      Wis 16 (+14)
Con 20 (+16)      Int 18 (+15)      Cha 24 (+18)

Equipment: robes, sickle .

Published in Open Grave, page(s) 179, Dungeon Delve, page(s) 137, Dungeon Magazine 171, page(s) 58, Dungeon Magazine 170, page(s) 38.