Aboleth Behemoth
Huge aberrant magical beast (aquatic)
Level 19 Elite Soldier XP 4800

Initiative +15        Senses Perception +13; Darkvision
Mucus Haze aura 5; any enemy treats the area within the aura as difficult terrain. While the aboleth is bloodied, enemies within the aura take a –2 penalty to saving throws against dazed and dominated effects.
HP 362; Bloodied 181
AC 35; Fortitude 35, Reflex 30, Will 30
Saving Throws +2
Speed 5, fly 7, swim 8
Action Points 1

Tentacle (standard, at-will)

Reach 3; +24 vs AC; 2d10+6 damage, and the target is grabbed and dazed (save ends).

Double Attack (standard, at-will)

The aboleth behemoth makes two tentacle attacks, each against different targets

Triple Attack (standard, recharge )

The aboleth behemoth makes three tentacle attacks, each against different targets

Whipping Tentacles (standard, recharge when first bloodied)

Close burst 3; targets enemies in burst; +22 vs Reflex; 2d8+8 damage, and the aboleth behemoth slides the target 3 squares.

Mind Bore (free action, when the aboleth damages a dazed or dominated target with a tentacle attack; at-will) Psychic

The triggering attack deals ongoing 10 psychic damage to the target (save ends).

Persistent Grab

An aboleth behemoth can sustain a grab on all creatures it is currently grabbing with a single minor action.

Threatening Reach

An aboleth behemoth can make opportunity attacks against any enemy within 3 squares of it.

Alignment Evil        Languages Deep Speech, telepathy 20
Skills Arcana +11, Dungeoneering +18, Insight +18
Str 28 (+18)      Dex 18 (+13)      Wis 18 (+13)
Con 21 (+14)      Int 5 (+6)      Cha 8 (+8)

Published in Dungeon Magazine 170, page(s) 171, 74 .