Advanced Hobgoblin Warcaster
Medium natural humanoid , goblin
Level 5 Controller XP 200

Initiative +5        Senses Perception +4; low-light vision
HP 62; Bloodied 31
AC 19; Fortitude 15, Reflex 17, Will 16
Speed 6
Action Points 1

Staff (standard, at-will) Weapon

+10 vs AC; 1d8+2 damage.

Shock Staff (standard, recharge ) Lightning, Weapon

+10 vs AC; 2d10+5 lightning damage, and the target is dazed until the end of the hobgoblin warcaster's next turn.

Force Pulse (standard, recharge

Ranged 5; +9 vs Fortitude; 2d6+5 force damage, and the target slides 3 squares.

Force Pulse (standard, recharge

Close blast 5; +9 vs Reflex; 2d8+5 force damage, and the target is pushed 1 square and knocked prone. Miss: Half damage, and the target is neither pushed nor knocked prone.

Hobgoblin Resilience (immediate reaction, when the hobgoblin warcaster suffers an effect that a save can end; encounter)

The hobgoblin warcaster makes a saving throw against the triggering effect.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Goblin
Skills Arcana +10, Athletics +4, Stealth +10
Str 13 (+3)      Dex 14 (+4)      Wis 16 (+5)
Con 14 (+4)      Int 19 (+6)      Cha 13 (+3)

Equipment: robes, cult tunic, Naarash talisman, staff implement .

Published in Dungeon Magazine 155, page(s) 57.