Al’ahz’ahmin, Rakshasa Noble
Medium natural humanoid
Level 19 Controller XP 2400

Initiative +14        Senses Perception +14
HP 178; Bloodied 89
AC 33; Fortitude 31, Reflex 33, Will 34
Speed 7

Claw (standard, at-will)

+22 vs AC; 1d6+3 damage, and the target is blinded until the end of the rakshasa noble’s next turn.

Mind Twist (standard, at-will) Psychic

Ranged 20; +22 vs Will; 3d6+7 psychic damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).

Phantom Lure (standard, at-will) Charm

Ranged 10; +22 vs Will; the target slides 5 squares.

Frightful Phantom (standard, recharge ) Fear

Ranged 5; +22 vs Will; 4d8+7 psychic damage, the target is pushed 5 squares, and the target is stunned (save ends).

Deceptive Veil (minor; at-will) Illusion

The rakshasa noble can disguise itself to appear as any Medium humanoid. A successful Insight check (opposed by the rakshasa’s Bluff check) pierces the disguise.

Phantom Image (minor; recharge ) Illusion

Until the end of the rakshasa noble’s next turn, any creature that attacks the rakshasa’s AC or Reflex defense must roll twice and use the lower attack roll result. If either result is a critical hit, use that result instead.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common
Skills Arcana +20, Athletics +17, Bluff +21, Diplomacy +21, History +20, Insight +19, Intimidate +21
Str 16 (+12)      Dex 20 (+14)      Wis 20 (+14)
Con 18 (+13)      Int 22 (+15)      Cha 24 (+16)

Published in P2 Demon Queen Enclave, page(s) 59.