Medium immortal humanoid
Level 26 Soldier XP 9000

HP 241; Bloodied 120Initiative +22
AC 42, Fortitude 38, Reflex 38, Will 38Perception+25
Speed 8Blindsight 5, Darkvision


Aleax Focus

The aleax chooses one enemy as its focus at the start of the encounter. Its focus cannot change during the encounter.

Aleax Invulnerability

The aleax has total concealment from creatures other than its focus, and a +5 power bonus to all defenses against area attacks and close attacks from such creatures.

Aleax Resilience

At the start of each of the aleax’s turns, any effect on the aleax ends if the effect has a duration, but only if a creature other than the aleax’s focus caused it.


The aleax regains 15 hit points whenever it starts its turn and has at least 1 hit point. When the aleax takes damage from its focus or if it doesn’t attack its focus on its turn, its regeneration does not function on its next turn.

Standard Actions

Brilliant Energy Blade (force, radiant) At-Will

Effect: The aleax attacks the target's lowest defense.

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +29 vs. Any

Hit: 2d12 + 21 force and radiant damage.

Move Actions

Divine Hunt (teleportation) At-Will

Effect: The aleax teleports up to 20 squares to a square adjacent to its focus.

Triggered Actions

Divine Justice At-Will

Trigger: The aleax’s focus willingly leaves a square adjacent to the aleax or uses an attack power that does not include the aleax as a target.

Effect (Opportunity Action): The aleax uses brilliant energy blade against its focus.

Focus Resonance Recharge

Trigger: An attack from an enemy other than the aleax’s focus damages the aleax.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): The aleax’s focus takes damage equal to half the damage the attack dealt to the aleax.

Skills Insight +25
Str 25 (+20)                Dex 25 (+20)                Wis 25 (+20)
Con 25 (+20)                Int 25 (+20)                Cha 25 (+20)

Alignment Any        Languages Supernal

Published in Dungeon Magazine 203.