Ancient Purple Dragon
Gargantuan natural magical beast (dragon)
Level 28 Solo Controller XP 65000

Initiative +22        Senses Perception +21; Darkvision
HP 1275; Bloodied 637
AC 46; Fortitude 43, Reflex 44, Will 46
Resist 30 psychic
Saving Throws +5
Speed 11, fly 10 (hover); phasing
Action Points 2

Bite (standard, at-will) Psychic

Reach 4; +33 vs AC; 2d8+6 damage, and the target takes ongoing 15 psychic damage (save ends).

Claw (standard, at-will)

Reach 4; +33 vs AC; 2d10+6 damage.

Double Attack (standard, at-will)

The dragon makes two claw attacks.

Phasing Strike (immediate reaction, when an enemy ends its turn within 4 squares of the dragon, at-will) Psychic

The dragon attacks the target; reach 4; targets the triggering creature; +32 vs Will; 3d6+6 psychic damage, and the target is pushed 5 squares. The target gains the phasing quality during this forced movement.

Nightmare Gaze (minor, at-will) Charm, Gaze, Psychic

Ranged 10; targets a stunned or dazed creature; +32 vs Will; 2d6+7 the target is dominated (save ends). A creature dominated by this effect must attack an ally on its turn or take 20 psychic damage at the end of its turn (even if it saves against this effect).

Nightmare Prison (standard, recharge

Ranged 10; targets a stunned or dazed creature; +32 vs Will; the target disappears into a nightmare prison created by the dragon’s mind. The target is dazed until the end of the turn on which it leaves the prison. At the end of each turn within the prison, the target takes 20 psychic damage.
    Each round, as a standard action, the target can attempt to escape by attacking the prison’s mysterious denizens; treat as a single target with 110 hit points, all the dragon’s defenses and resistances, and immunity to all conditions. When it either escapes or is destroyed, the target returns to the same square it left, or the nearest unoccupied square. Killing the dragon automatically expels the prisoner.

Breath Weapon (standard, recharge ) Psychic

Close blast 10; +32 vs Fortitude; 4d8+7 psychic damage, and the target takes ongoing 10 psychic damage and is dazed (save ends both). Each time the target fails the saving throw against this effect, the purple dragon can slide it 5 squares. Miss: Half damage, and the target is not dazed and does not take ongoing damage.

Bloodied Breath (free, when first bloodied, encounter) Psychic

The dragon’s breath weapon recharges, and the dragon uses it immediately.

Frightful Presence (standard, encounter) Fear

Close burst 10; targets enemies; +32 vs Will; 4d8+7 the target is stunned until the end of the dragon’s next turn. Aftereffect: The target takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).

Harmed by Sunlight

An ancient purple dragon that begins its turn in direct sunlight can take only a single standard action on its turn. If it ends the turn in direct sunlight, it also takes 318 damage.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Bluff +29, Diplomacy +29, Dungeoneering +26, Insight +26, Intimidate +29
Str 23 (+20)      Dex 26 (+22)      Wis 25 (+21)
Con 23 (+20)      Int 25 (+21)      Cha 31 (+24)

Revision (2/26/2009)
In the ancient purple dragon’s breath weapon, replace “necrotic” with “psychic”.

Published in Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page(s) 178.