Astral Stalker
Medium immortal humanoid
Level 22 Elite Lurker XP 8300

Initiative +23        Senses Perception +18; blindsight 10
HP 314; Bloodied 157
AC 38; Fortitude 32, Reflex 38, Will 32
Saving Throws +2
Speed 10, Climb 6
Action Points 1

Claw (standard, at-will)

+27 vs AC; 2d6+8 damage, and the astral stalker can choose to designate the target as its quarry.

Throat Dart (standard, at-will) Poison

Range 5/10; +29 vs AC; 1d10+8 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 poison damage and is slowed (save ends both). First Failed Save: The target is immobilized instead of slowed (save ends). Second Failed Save: The target is stunned instead of immobilized (save ends).

Quick Claws (standard, at-will)

Against a slowed or an immobilized target, the astral stalker makes two claw attacks.

Combat Advantage

The astral stalker’s melee attacks deal an extra 2d6 damage against any target it has combat advantage against.

Invisibility (standard; at-will) Illusion

The astral stalker turns invisible until it attacks.

Stalker's Quarry (minor; at-will)

The astral stalker knows the exact location of a creature it has designated as its quarry. The astral stalker can have only one quarry at a time, but the power works across any distance and even crosses planar boundaries.

Alignment Evil        Languages Supernal
Skills Stealth +24
Str 22 (+17)      Dex 26 (+19)      Wis 15 (+13)
Con 19 (+15)      Int 8 (+10)      Cha 10 (+11)

Description: Devious and battle-hungry hunters, astral stalkers savor challenge and renown. Many of them serve as assassins and bounty hunters, and an astral stalker might pursue its quarry simply to test its mettle against a worthy foe.

Published in Monster Manual, page(s) 10, Dungeon Delve, page(s) 135, Dungeon Magazine 159, page(s) 39, Dungeon Magazine 171, page(s) 76, Dungeon Magazine 168, page(s) 84.