Large immortal humanoid (angel)
Level 30 Elite Soldier (Leader) XP 38000

Initiative +26        Senses Perception +18
HP 548; Bloodied 274
AC 46; Fortitude 42, Reflex 42, Will 38 (see also cloak of vengeance.)
Immune fear; Resist 20 fire, 20 radiant
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6, fly 9 (hover); see also sign of vengeance.
Action Points 1

Greatsword (standard, at-will) Cold, Fire, Weapon

Reach 2; +35 vs AC; 1d12 + 11 damage plus 1d8 fire damage plus 1d8 cold damage.

Double Strike (standard, at-will) Cold, Fire, Weapon

Avamerin makes two greatsword attacks.

Sign of Vengeance (minor, encounter) Teleportation

Ranged sight; Avamerin places an invisible sign upon the target. Until the end of the encounter, as a move action, he can teleport adjacent to the target.

Battle Lord Tactics

Avamerin and his allies deal an extra 3d6 damage against enemies that Avamerin flanks.

Cloak of Vengeance (until bloodied) Cold, Fire

Attacks against Avamerin take a -2 penalty until he is bloodied. While cloak of vengeance is in effect, a creature that makes a successful melee attack against Avamerin takes 1d8 fire damage and 1d8 cold damage.

Inspiring Assault

Whenever Avamerin scores a critical hit, he and all allies within 5 squares of him regains 15 hit points.

Alignment Evil        Languages Supernal
Skills Insight +23, Intimidate +24
Str 32 (+26)      Dex 28 (+24)      Wis 17 (+18)
Con 26 (+23)      Int 14 (+17)      Cha 19 (+19)

Equipment: greatsword , plate armor .

Published in Elder Evils, page(s) 13.