Azara Iceborn
Medium natural humanoid (cold), human
Level 10 Elite Artillery (Leader) XP 1400

Initiative +7        Senses Perception +8
HP 168; Bloodied 84
AC 24; Fortitude 22, Reflex 24, Will 25
Resist 5 cold; if Azara takes cold damage and her next attack hits, one target of that attack takes an extra 5 cold damage.
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1

Chill Touch (standard, at-will) Cold

+15 vs Reflex; 2d6+4 cold damage, and the target cannot make opportunity attacks against Azara until the end of her next turn.

Frosty Glare (standard, at-will) Cold

Ranged 10; +15 vs Will; 2d8+5 cold damage, and the target gains bulnerable 5 cold until the end of Azara's next turn.

Fury of Winter (standard, at-will)

Azara makes two basic attacks

Lash of the Long Night (standard, recharge ) Cold

Ranged 10; +15 vs Fortitude; 2d6+5 cold damage, and the target is slowed and is pushed 5 squares (save ends).

Ride the Bitter Wind (standard, encounter) Cold, Teleportation

Close blast 5; targets enemies; +13 vs Fortitude; 2d6+5 cold damage, and the target is knocked prone. Azara and her allies within the area teleport to any square within the blast.

Gift of the Pale Prince ( when first bloodied, encounter) Cold, Teleportation

Azara recharges ride the bitter wind if she has expended it, and she uses it as a free action. If she has not expended it, she uses it immediately without expending it

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Elven, Giant
Skills Arcana +14, Intimidate +15
Str 10 (+5)      Dex 14 (+7)      Wis 16 (+8)
Con 18 (+9)      Int 18 (+9)      Cha 21 (+10)

Published in Dragon Magazine 374, page(s) 62.