Huge elemental humanoid (demon)
Level 27 Elite Brute XP 22000

HP 622; Bloodied 311Initiative +20
AC 40, Fortitude 40, Reflex 37, Will 39Perception+27
Speed 8, fly 12 (clumsy)Blindsight 6, Darkvision
Resist 20 fire
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1


Flaming Body (fire) Aura 2, or 3 while the balor is bloodied

Any enemy that starts its turn in the aura takes 10 fire damage, or 20 fire damage while the balor is bloodied.

Standard Actions

Lightning Sword (lightning, weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); +32 vs. AC

Hit: 6d10 + 11 lightning damage, or 3d10 + 71 lightning damage if the balor scores a critical hit.

Flaming Whip (fire) At-Will

Attack: Melee 5 (one creature); +30 vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d10 + 10 fire damage, and ongoing 15 fire damage (save ends). The balor pulls the target up to 5 squares to a square adjacent to it.

Fire and Lightning At-Will

Effect: The balor uses lightning sword once and flaming whip once.

Beheading Blade (lightning, weapon) Recharge when first bloodied

Attack: Close blast 3 (enemies in the blast); +32 vs. ACThe attack can score a critical hit on a roll of 15-20

Hit: 5d12 + 14 lightning damage, or 3d12 + 74 lightning damage if the balor scores a critical hit.

Triggered Actions

Death Burst (fire) Encounter

Trigger: The balor drops to 0 hit points.

Attack (No Action): Close burst 10 (creatures in the burst); +30 vs. Reflex

Hit: 6d10 fire damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: The balor is destroyed.

Variable Resistance 3/Encounter

Trigger: The balor takes acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage.

Effect (Free Action): The balor gains resist 20 to the triggering damage type until the end of the encounter or until it uses variable resistance again.

Skills Bluff +20, Insight +27, Intimidate +20
Str 30 (+23)                Dex 25 (+20)                Wis 29 (+22)
Con 31 (+23)                Int 12 (+14)                Cha 14 (+15)

Alignment chaotic evil        Languages Abyssal, Common
Equipment: lightning sword, flaming whip

Published in Monster Manual, page(s) 53, Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page(s) 156, Dungeon Delve, page(s) 154, 175, 191, E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls, page(s) 60, Demonomicon, page(s) 99, Monster Vault, page(s) 49, Dungeon Magazine 212.