Behir Bolter Whelp
Large natural magical beast
Level 8 Solo Soldier XP 1750

Initiative +11 (see lightning reflexes)        Senses Perception +7; tremorsense 10
HP 352; Bloodied 176
AC 24; Fortitude 19, Reflex 21, Will 19
Resist 10 lightning
Saving Throws +5
Speed 8, climb 5
Action Points 2

Claw (standard, at-will)

Reach 2; +15 vs AC; 2d6+5 damage.

Bite (standard, at-will) Lightning

Reach 2; +15 vs AC; 1d6+5 damage plus 1d6 lightning damage.

Knockdown Rush (minor, recharge )

The behir bolter whelp charges and makes the following attack; +16 vs AC; 1d12+6 damage, and the target is knocked prone.

Rip-Claw Response (immediate reaction, when hit by a melee attack, at-will)

The behir bolter whelp makes a claw attack against the triggering creature.

Lightning Shock (standard, recharge 5 and when first bloodied) Lightning

Close burst 2; +13 vs Reflex; 2d10+7 lightning damage. Miss: Half damage.

Lightning Reflexes

The behir bolter whelp acts three times in a round, on initiative counts 20, 15, and 5. It cannot delay or ready actions. On each turn, it has a standard action instead of the normal allotment of actions. It can use one immediate action between each pair of turns.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Common, Draconic
Str 17 (+7)      Dex 20 (+9)      Wis 17 (+7)
Con 16 (+7)      Int 7 (+2)      Cha 11 (+4)

Description: ALTHOUGH SMALL IN COMPARISON with adult behirs, a behir bolter whelp is large and fast enough to easily capture and consume the creatures it preys upon.

Published in Monster Manual 2, page(s) 22.